Antique Japanese Radios


Page 01-1-12 Early-Time DC, Early-Time AC Reflex, and Early-Time AC Four-Tube

Page 14 -Cathedral

Page 2-Midget (Portable)

Page 22 -Tombstone

Page 24 -Box; TRF(RF One)

Page 3 War-Time

Page 35, 32C, 32U War-Time DC, BCS Type-11, Yuho-3 (Transformer-Less)

Page 32- BCS Type-123 (Transformer-Less)

Page 32-BCS Type-122 (Transformer-Less)

Page 34 War-Time Transformer-less

Page 33 Post War-Time

Page 33C Post War-Time Transformer-Less

Page 44ST Post War-Time Transformer-Less Super

Page 44GT Glass-Octal Tubelar

Page 4 ST Super Popular Type

Page 4M ST Super Popular Type MagicEye

Page 42 ST Super Standard Type

Page 42-AW&42D ST Super Standard Type Allwave and Delux

Page 42-M ST Super Standard Type MagicEye

Page 43A -Homemade ST Popular Type Super

Page 43B -Homemade ST Standard Type Super

Page 43C -Homemade ST Starndard Type Super MagicEye and Delux

Page 5AT -Miniature Auto-transformer

Page 5T -Miniature Transformer

Page 5TM -Miniature Transformer MagicEye

Page 5TawM -Miniature Transformer Allwave MagicEye

Page 5TH -Miniature Transformer Homemade

Page 6 -Miniature Transformer Wooden