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since 2 April 1998

Historical Museum on Vacuum Tube/真空管の歴史館

Gallery on Tubes/真空管展示室

Page 3 Radio Tubes After WWII/戦後のラジオ球

written by Koji HAYASHI, Ibaraki JAPAN

AJR-Geocities Version 2011.8.21/ edit (2011.8.14)-(2011.8.21)


Radio Tubes After WWII/戦後のラジオ球

4. ST tubes



2) Super-het Ages/スーパーヘテロダイン時代

2V B tubes
2.5V/5V ac tubes
6.3V ac tubes
6.3V ac tubes
175mA TRSless tubes
6.3V ac tubes
2.5V/5V ac tubes

4B. Japanese Battery tubes after WWII/戦後の日本の電池管;ST

(1/2) 2Y-P2, 2Y-R5, 2Y-P8

(2 samples) ['11.8.14]

4. Japanese ST tubes -TRF radio receiver/日本の国民ラジオ用ST管


2.5V; (UZ-58A, UZ-57A, UY-47B), 6.3V; UZ-6D6, UZ-6C6, 6Z-P1, UZ-42, UY-76,

Rectifier; KX-12F, KX-80

For Replacement only; 5V; UX-12AK, 2.5V; 3Y-P1/A, UY-47BK, UY-57S/(UY-24S), UY-47S

(46 samples) ['11.8.14]

42. Japanese ST Tubes for Five Superhet radio receiver/日本の5球スーパー用ST管

Standerd Tubes; 6W-C5/A, (UZ-6D6), 6ZDH3/A, (6Z-P1), (UZ-42),

Minor Tubes; UZ-42L, (6Z-DH3S),

For Replacement only; 3W-C5, 3Z-DH3A

Rectifier; KX-12K, KX-12FK, (KX-80H), KX-80HK, KX-80BK, KX-80K, KX-80M, KX-80S

Special Tubes; 6W-C5-S, UZ-6D6-S, (6Z-DH3A-S), 6Z-P1-S, (UZ-42-S), KX-80BK-S, (KX-12FK-S).

(53 samples) ['11.8.14]

43. Japanese ST Transformer-less Tubes for Superhet radio receiver/日本のスーパー用トランスレスST管

12WC5, 12YV1A, 12ZDH3A, 12ZP1A, 36ZK12

(9 samples) ['11.8.14]

5. GT Tubes/GT管

12V ac tubes
175mA Trans-less
6.3V ac tubes
6.3V ac tubes
6.3V ac tubes
150mA Trans-less
150mA TRSless tubes
150mA TRSless tubes

5. (JP). Japanese Type GT Radio tubes -12V and Trns-less / 日本のラジオ用G管-初期の12V管とトランスレス管

N-series 12GC4/N361, 12GR4/N051, 12GDH4/N231, 12GP7/N052, 12GK10/N021, Power-Pentode N054?, RF-Pentode?, Twin-Power Pentode N551

(12 samples)

Toshiba Matsuda-series 12GC5, 12GR6, 12GDH3,30GP9, 30GK5,

(10 samples)

Matsushita M-series; 12SA7GT/M, 12SK7GT/M, 12SQ7GT/M, 35L6GT/M, 35Z5GT/M

(7 samples)

5B. (JP2) Japanese Type GT Radio tubes - 6.3V and for Communication use/ 日本のラジオ用GT管-初期の6.3V管と通信用管

TEN, Toshiba; 6GR7, 5GK3, 6GK14, 6GDH3

(7 samples) ['11.8.15]

5C. (JA) American Type Japanese GT Radio tubes -Five tube Super and for Communication use; 日本の米国型ラジオ用GT管-5球スーパー用と通信用

Five Tube Super;

6SA7GT, 6SK7GT, 6SQ7GT, 6F6GT, 6V6GT, 6X5GT, 5Y3GT

12SA7GT, 12SK7GT, 12SQ7GT, 35L6GT, 50L6GT, 35Z5GT

Toshiba-Matsuda, TEN, NEC, Matsushita, Hitachi, Minor; ELEVAM, Futaba, JIN, Mitsubishi, QX, REX, SUN, Tou

(67 samples)


6C5GT, 6J5GT, 6H6GT, 6SD7GT, 6SH7GT, 6SJ7GT, 6AC7GT, 6SL7GT, 6SN7GT, 5Z4GT

12SG7GT, 12SJ7GT

(35 samples)

6. Miniatures/ミニアチュア管

6JH. History of Japanese Miniature Radio Tubes/日本のミニアチュア管の歴史

TEXT & Tables


6JB. Early-Times Japanese Miniature Tubes for Five Tube Super -American Type /初期の日本の5球スーパー用ミニアチュア管(米国型)

NEC, Toshiba-Matsuda, Hitachi, Matsushita

23 Samples ['11.8.20],

6JA. Japanese Miniature Radio Tubes for Five Tube Super -American Type / 日本の5球スーパー用ミニアチュア管(米国型)

TEN, NEC, Toshiba-Matsuda, Hitachi, Matsushita, Minor Brands; Besto,Don, Dyne, Elevam, Futaba, Horizon, JRC, NDK, NTK, PRC, Rodin, SUN, TVC

94+51samples ['11.8.20]

6JP. Japanese Miniature Radio Tubes for Five Tube Super -Japanese Type/日本の5球スーパー用ミニアチュア管(日本型)

6R-DHV1, 6R-DHV2, 6R-HV1, 25M-K15, 20R-HV1, HL94/30A5, HY92/19A3, (28R-HV2, 45M-P21), (17R-HH2, 32R-HP1)

45 Samples ['11.8.19]

6JC. Early-Times Japanese Miniature Tubes for Communication and TV use/初期の日本の通信とTV用ミニアチュア管

VH3, 6AK5, 6C4, 6J6, 6AH6, 12AU7, 12AX7

19 Samples ['11.8.20]

6A.History and Tables; American Miniature Tubes for Five Tube Super/米国の5球スーパー用ミニアチュア管

6BE6, 6BA6, 6BD6, 6AT6, 6AV6, 6AQ5, 6X4, 6AL5, 6BF6, 6AU6

12BE6, 12BA6, 12AV6, 50B5, 50C5, 35W4, etc.

(49 samples) ['11.8.19]

6X. Inside View of Electrodes of Miniature Tubes/ミニアチュア管解剖図

12BE6, 12BA6, 6AV6, 6AR5, 35C5

(5 samples) ['11.8.21]

6ER. European Rimlock Tubes for Radios/欧州のラジオ用リムロック管

History, Table, European

UCH42, UF41, UBC41, UL41 and UY41.

ECH42, EF41, EBC41, EL41 and EZ40.

EL42, EF40, EF42, EQ80, ECC40 (DL41)

(32 samples) ['11.8.21]

6EU. European Miniature & Noval Tubes /欧州のミニアチュア管

History, Table, European

ECH82/6AJ8, HCH82/12AJ7,(UCH82/19D8), 6T8, EF89, EBF80, EABC80, EZ80/6V4

(8 samples) ['11.8.21]

6FM. Miniature Tubes for FM Tuner/FMチューナー管

12DT8, 6C9, 6AB9/17AB9

(7 samples) ['11.8.21]

7. Battery Type Miniature and sub-miniature/電池用ミニアチュアとサブミニ管

7A. American Battery type Miniature Tubes after WWII/米国のミニアチュア電池管

American ; 1R5,1T4, 1S5, 3S4, 1U5, 3V4

Japanese ;

(15 samples) ['11.9.17]

7J. Japanese Battery type Miniature Tubes/日本独自のミニアチュア電池管

1R5SF/1AQ5,1T4SF/1AM4, 1S5SF/1AR5. 1U5SF/1AS5, 3S4SF/3W4,

Apollo; 17M, 15M, 15DM, 15PM, 13M, (17MB, 15MB, 15DMB, 15PMB, 13MB), SF

(15 samples) ['11.9.17]

7E. European Battery type Rimlock and Miniature Tubes/欧州型電池管;リムロックとmT

DL41, DK92/1AC6, DK96/1AB6,.., DL97/3Y4

(2 samples) ['02.12.1]

7Auto. 26V and 12V Battery type Miniature Tubes/26V と12VmT管

26A6, 26C6, 26D6, 26A7GT

12AD6, 12AC6,12AF6, 12K5 etc.,

(4 samples) ['11.9.17]

7S. Battery type Sub-miniature Tubes for Portable Radio/ラジオ用サブミニアチュア管


2G21, 3E32, 1V6, 1AD4, 1AJ5, 5672, 5678, 5676

(1N3, 1N5), 1N5-SF, 2G21SF, 1AG5-SF

(11 samples) ['11.9.17]

8. Magic Eyes/マジックアイ

8A. Magic Eyes -American/マジックアイ:米国型

6E5/2E5, EZ-6G5, 6U5/6G5, 1629, 6AF6G, 6AL7GT.

(21 samples) ['04.5.6]

8H. Magic Eyes -Japanese History/マジックアイ日本の歴史

History, Table,


8J. Magic Eyes -Japanese/マジックアイ日本型

6E5D, 6E5S, MS1,

6Z-E1, 6ME2/6E5-MT, 6M-E4/6E5P, 6M-E5/6E5M, 6GE7/6DL7, 12ZE8, 12ZE9, 6ME10, 6GE12, 6GE12A, 6RE13, 1DE14,6LT06.

(33 samples) ['04.4.29]

8E. Magic Eyes -European/マジックアイ欧州型

AM1, AM2, EM4, 6CD7/EM34, UM11, EFM11. 1M3/DM70, 1N3/DM71, 1H3/DM90, 6BR5/EM80, 6DA5/EM81, EM87/6HU8, EAM86/6GX6, DM160/6977

(14 samples) ['04.5.4]

Keywords; Vacuum Tube, Electron Tube, Tube Radio, Radio Receiver, 真空管,真空管ラジオ,球,ラジオ受信機,ラジオ放送,

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