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since 2 April 1998

Historical Museum on Vacuum Tube/真空管の歴史館

Gallery on Tubes/真空管展示室

Page 2 Radio Tubes Before WWII/戦前のラジオ球

New Styles, Special Tubes and War-time Tubes/新型管,特殊管と戦時中の球
written by Koji HAYASHI, Ibaraki JAPAN

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2. Special tubes -Japan before and During WWII/戦前,戦中の特殊管

2/C. Japanese Communication Tube/通信用真空管

2.5 V-6.3V ac tubes

6.3V ac tubes

34. Wired Communication Tubes/電信電話用 日本の通信用管-戦前

101D, 104D, 101F, 101G, 4020A, HO101F, HO102F, HO104F, 205DN, WE252A, WE274A

(14 samples)

MC656A, MC-656B/CY-501F, MC-656C/CZ-501D, CZ-504D/MB-655A, CZ-504V/MB-655D, CZ511/MC658A

(9 samples)

22.Japanese Special Tubes before WWII/日本の特殊管-戦前

TEXT and Table ONLY


2/3VJ_IndMil-2. Industry & Military(II) Japanese 6.3V tubes modified from American; Ut6L7G, UG6P7G, KZ6H6A, KZ6C, UZ6L6A

(6 samples) ['11.8.6]

2/C3_IndMil-3. Industry & Military (III) Japanese Original 6.3V tubes; UY6A3B, UY45H, UY71H, UX-54(A), UX-6203, UY6301, UZ6302, UZ6203, UZ6304

(13 samples) ['11.8.12]

3/M, G, L New-Style Radio Tubes - American and European/米国と欧州の新型管

Metal, Octal Glass and Loctal.
6.3V ac tubes
6.3V ac tubes
6.3V ac tubes
6.3V ac tubes
150mA TRSless tubes
150mA TRSless tubes
150mA TRSless tubes
4 V ac tubes

3M. Metal Radio Tubes -American /米国のメタル管

(86 samples) ['11.8.5]

3G. Octal Glass and GT tubes -American/米国のオクタルガラス管とGT管

(81 samples) ['11.7.30]

3L,3LE. Lock-in tubes(LOKTAL) -American and European/米国と欧州のロクタル管

US (25 samples), EU (1 sample) ['11.7.31]

3ME,3GE. ST Tubes and Metal Tubes -European (4/4) 戦前の欧州ST管とメタル管

(21 samples) ['11.8.5]

2/M Japanese New Style Tubes and Japanese Industrial and Military Tubes/日本の新型管と日本の産業用・軍用真空管

Before WWII
During WWII

6.3V ac tubes
12V ac tubes
6.3V-12V ac tubes

2/3MJw_1.Japanese Metal/ 日本のメタル管 American Compatible and Japanese Origin

(US6F7A, MC804A, US61, US6305)

(13 samples) ['11.8.6]

2/3MJw_2. N-series, H-series and Sola/Nシリーズ, Hシリーズとソラ

(NF2(FL2A05A)), NF6, FM2A05A, Sola

(CH2), DH2, KH2, RH2, RH4, RH8, PH1

(13 samples) ['11.8.9]

2/C3w_Rader. Receiving Tube for Rader/レーダ用受信管

UN954, UN955, UN955A, ME664A, RE3, RC4, UL6306

(15 samples) ['11.8.13]

2T. Japanese Transmitting Tubes/日本の送信管

Before and During WWII
5V -12V ac tubes
6.3V -12V ac tubes

2/C3w_TX. Japanese Millitary Transmitting Tube/日本の軍用送信管

UX-202A, UX-210, UZ-10H, UZ-12C,

UX-47C, P-503A, UZ-510/E-510, UT802, P112,

(13 samples) ['11.8.6]

UY807, UY807A, FZ064A, T-307

(7 samples) ['11.8.6]

TX_BW. American Transmitting Tubes/米国の送信管

(7 samples) ['11.9.19]

3B. Battery Tubes/電池管

3B-1. Battery Type radio tubes Part1 /電池用ラジオ管1

Globe and ST Tubes/ナス管とST管
2V dc tubes
2V dc tubes
1.3 V dc tubes
2V/1.1V dc tubes
1.1 V dc tubes

1B_A, 3B_A. American 2V series and Japanese Compatible Battery Tubes/米国2V管と国産互換電池管

(1) Globe (UX230 to UX234), 31, 22

(2) ST 30, 32, 33, 34, UF30, UX30, (UX31), UX32, UY33, UX34

(10 samples) ['11.1.16]

(3)New ST; (UZ-19)/ 1J6G, 1A6, 1C6, 1A4P/1D5GP, 1B4P/ (1E5GP), 1B5/25S, 1H6G, 1F4, 1F6/(1F7G), 1E7G

(4) Japanese; UZ-1A6B, UZ-1C6B

(13 samples) ['11.1.16]

1B_E. Philips Economic 1.3V series and Japanese Compatible Battery Tubes/フィリップス経済管と日本の互換電池管

A109, B105, A141

UX109, (UX110, UY111), UX111B, (UY111B)

(6 samples) ['11.1.5]

3B_J. Japanese Economic 2V and 1.1V series Battery Tubes/日本の2V,1.1V経済電池管

UX166, UX167, UY169, (UY169A),

UX166B, (UY167B), UY169B.

(12 samples) ['11.1.9]

3B-2. Battery Type Radio Tubes Part2 /電池用ラジオ管 2

New-Style Tubes (American and European)/米国と欧州の新型電池管
1.4 V dc tubes
1.4 V dc tubes
1.4 V dc tubes

3BG, 3BL_American. Battery Tubes - 1.5V GT/G and Loktal American/米国のGT/Gとロクタル電池管

(1A7G, 1N5G, 1H5G, 1A5G, 1C5G), GTs, 1T5GT, (1Q5GT, 3Q5GT), 1SB6

(1LA6), 1LN5, 1LH4, (1LA4, 3LF4), 1LC6

(29 samples) ['11.8.10]

3B_E. ST Tubes -European (4/4) 戦前の欧州ST球

DK21, DL21,

T.P.25, VP23/CV1331, PEN220A/VT51, XH1.5V

(6 samples) ['11.8.10]

7A. Early American Miniature/初期のミニアチュア管, (1R5, 1T4/VT173, 1S5/VT172, (1S4), 3S4/VT174

(5 samples) ['11.8.10]


2B. Japanese Military Battery Tubes/日本の軍用電池管

Before WWII
During WWII

2V dc tubes
1.1 V dc tubes
1.1 V dc tubes
1.4 V dc tubes
2V dc tubes

2/3BJw. Military 2V and 1.1V Series/軍用2V管と1.1V管

Military 2V Series/軍用2V管 (2/4) (UX30M, UN30M), UZ30MC

(2 sample)

Military1.1V Economy Series (4/4) /軍用1.1V経済電池管

(UY133), UF134, UX134, UZ135, UF109A, (UF111A), UZ109C, (UZ130C), UY133A, UZ-133D, UY11A


(8 sample)

Military 1.1V Peanuts Series (3/4)/軍用1.1Vピーナッツ管; Uy11M,14M

(3 sample)

2/7J. Early Japanese Miniature/初期のミニアチュア管, B01, B03

(2 samples) ['11.8.12]

2/3BJw2. Radio Zonde/ラジオゾンデ

(2 samples)['11.8.12]

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